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What is F4F Films?

Five4Five Films is a media arts program with a focus on creating original short films with students in underserved communities.


We are dedicated to teaching creative critical thinking skills that students can apply throughout their lives, as well as providing inroads for future careers in the film industry.

Film Skills, Life Skills

Over semester and year-long programs, in-school and after-school, students engage in a hands-on creative experience!

Students learn key components of filmmaking as well as develop socio-emotional character-building traits. The students develop original short films that they write, produce, film, and edit with the help of F4F instructors. The films created during the program are screened at the annual Five4Five Film Festival!

Student Impact & Testimonials

"Being a young high school student is really tough. Going through things is really hard. This program teaches you to express yourself all the time."   Matthew, 15
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